IT Support


Open Approach is a full-service IT support company. A one-stop shop. A round-the-clock, do-it-until-it’s right company. Our list of services is broad — and looks just about like what you’d find at any good IT company. Yet while we may be jacks-of-all-trades, we’re a master of one: Making IT systems work to leverage and advance your business.

But let’s make this clear: We may be a Managed Service Provider offering many options similar to what you’d find elsewhere. But we don’t just cobble together a bunch of services to make you some kind of “one-size-fits-all” service plan. We get to know you and your needs first, then craft a customized solution that meets your needs (and leaves you room to grow).

Here are a few of the tips and tricks we’ve employed for some of our clients in the past — but just because you don’t see it here, doesn’t mean we don’t offer it. We’re always willing to add something new to the mix if it solves a problem for you.

Seamless Integration

Proactive Maintenance

Rather than subscribe to the break-fix mentality that can weigh down many businesses, we preemptively and actively maintain your infrastructure to ensure it stays up and running. Regular patch cycles, firmware updates, and scheduled cleanups ensure system uptime stays high, and so does productivity. Read more about Proactive Maintenance

Network Security and Protection

We build protection into everything we do, whether that’s robust firewall configurations that secure a network from both the outside in and the inside out, a network-wide (and centrally managed) deployment of one of the best antivirus engines in the industry, or specific, custom-tailored network policies that cut risk without cutting ease-of-use. We know security, and we know how to protect you without making you feel like you’re living in a bunker. Read more about Network Security and Protection

Servers and Services

Servers provide network “services” and those services can come in a variety of forms, delivered by a variety of means. Our job is to ensure that server hardware, server virtualization, Cloud services, and other options work economically and reliably for you. There is no one-size-fits-all infrastructure out there—and that’s a good thing. Hybrid server systems can cost less and provide more processing capabilities, while retaining more reliability than ever before. Read more about Servers and Services

Helpdesk Support

When you need a hand resetting a password, connecting to the Internet, or getting your email to work, our helpdesk is easily accessible, happy to help, and amazingly efficient at solving issues. A quick phone call or email puts you in touch with a friendly, live tech, who you will come to know (and ask for) by name. No tiers, no queues, no machine automation. Just us. Read more about Help Desk Support


Data backups are arguably the most important component of any company’s IT budget, but often the most neglected — many times until it’s too late. We pride ourselves on employing complete backup solutions that provide reliable protection with multiple checkpoints and physical locations, including our off-site data center. When utilizing modern technology, backups can become a quick solution for minor errors on a daily basis, a stalwart security ally, and the fallback when disaster strikes. Read more about Secure Data Backups

Internet Activity and Content Filtering

Limiting users’ access to certain sites and throttling bandwidth not only increases individual work performance, it also helps keep the entire network healthy, promoting a safe, appropriate work environment without feeling like a burden. Whether it’s a network-wide request or a granular one, we make it easy to find an effective middle ground between freedom and function. Read more about  Internet Activity & Content Filtering

Phone Systems

VoIP (Voice over IP) phone systems have become a business standard over the years, and we are proud to offer solutions that increase call quality and reliability while greatly reducing cost. We handle the conversion from start to finish, from porting all numbers, extensions, and settings, to providing user education and training. Phones and computer systems have merged, so there’s no longer any question over who to call for support. Read more about VoIP Phone Systems

E-mail Security

Spam clogs inboxes, lowers user productivity, and when it contains malicious content, can be downright dangerous to a network. With an industry-leading spam filter deployed, daily spam reports delivered directly to users’ inboxes allows them to customize settings on their end, while a robust backend makes system-wide policy changes swift and effective. Read more about E-Mail Security

Third-Party Support

With our scope and breadth of supported clients, we have seen a great deal of applications, configurations, and environments — and we’ve got the knowledge to back it up. We’re able to solve just about all challenges we’re presented with, but in the off-chance third-party vendor support is required, we’ll take the reins and work with these companies directly. The end result? Less back and forth, and faster resolutions. Read more about Third Party Support

Cloud Services

Just about every application has a cloud-based offering these days. The challenge for many businesses is to weigh the cost of a subscription over time with limitations and benefits a cloud-based system can offer. Our goal is to help you make that decision based on one factor alone: what’s best for your company? If and when it’s time to migrate a service to the cloud, our experience ensures it’s a smooth transition. Read more about Cloud Services

Desktop Virtualization

Whether it’s a solution from Microsoft, Citrix, or VMware, leveraging your network’s backend resources to deliver a virtual desktop — no matter where you’re located — is one of the most rewarding investments a company can make. This ensures an “always on” workstation, remote access from anywhere, and, with the right application, a quicker return on investment than any alternative infrastructure rollout. Read more about Desktop Virtualization

Desktop And User Care

Open Approach’s Proactive Managed Desktop Care provides comprehensive preventative maintenance services remotely. (In plain speak, that means we offer a bunch of services designed to keep you up and running — even if you’re in California and we’re here in Vermont.) Read more about Desktop And User Care

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 can equip your company with many powerful tools. We can help you put these tools into action so that you can vastly improve productivity and foster better collaboration between coworkers. Read more about Microsoft Office 365

Hardware As A Service

With all of the new technologies floating around today, choosing the correct combination of solutions to run your business can be daunting. Hardware as a Service is an option for organizations that don’t want to be burdened with, or simply can’t afford to take on, the financial costs of updating their computer hardware. Open Approach can take over the burden of this process, you just need to familiarize us with your needs. Read more about Hardware As A Service


Bennington Potters designs, produces, and markets beautiful, heirloom ceramics. Founded by David Gil in 1948, employed potters continue to follow David’s legacy, embracing his technical creativity, commitment and tenacity, acting as the driving forces to build the remarkable company that thrives to this day. Today they operate out of Bennington Potters Yard in southern Vermont, where they give guided tours 7 days a week, as well as a retail-only store in downtown Burlington!


Working with a jumbled web of computers, files, and encountering painful drops in network connectivity, Sheela Harden, owner of Bennington Potters, knew productivity was suffering. They needed a change, but more importantly, they needed guidance. Looking for someone to work with them on their day-to-day challenges, Bennington Potters reached out to Open Approach in 2006. From switching and firewall upgrades, to server and computer replacements, Open Approach was able to bring stability and efficiency back to the pottery.

“Working with Open Approach is fluid and conversational, and their work feels that way too; everything works, projects are simple and streamlined, and
issues are resolved quickly and effortlessly.”

— Melissa Colon, Marketing Manager at Bennington Potters


From its humble beginnings in 1974 operating out of a 19th-century barn, Hubbardton Forge has grown to become the oldest and largest commercial forge in the United States, generating more than $35 million in annual sales. Located in Castleton, Vermont, the company produces thousands of high-end, hand-forged lighting products – “Art that Lights up” – marketed through residential lighting and home furnishings retailers as well as contract distributors. In its highly competitive industry, Hubbardton Forge has distinguished itself as the preeminent design shop with a product line that is anything but common.


Hubbardton Forge was one of Open Approach’s first clients, and the two companies have figuratively grown up together. As the demands on the Hubbardton Forge network grew, Open Approach worked hard to not only meet these demands, but to help shape the future computing environment to match their corporate vision. Like all visionary companies, Hubbardton Forge works toward opportunity and avoids reacting in fear toward challenges. Open Approach embraces this philosophy, and the result has been a network that is flexible, functional, economical and equal to the demands of this growing company.

“Open Approach has a way of projecting ‘calm’ in the midst of an IT ‘storm,’ and I never have to worry about their professionalism when they interact directly with our users.”

-Dale Carr, MIS Manager at Hubbardton Forge


Working to protect the productive, recreational, and scenic land that gives Vermont its rural character, Vermont Land Trust (VLT), a member-supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is a land conservation organization operating five regional offices throughout the state. Established in 1977, Vermont Land Trust has permanently conserved more than 1,900 parcels of land covering more than 550,000 acres, or about nine percent of the private, undeveloped land in the state. They provide technical and legal assistance to individuals, communities, and local land trusts to help them achieve their conservation objectives.


VLT and Open Approach began working together after VLT experienced network connectivity issues at one of its remote locations. Later, VLT engaged Open Approach for full systems support, which has included migrating to a highly available cluster of servers, introducing necessary redundancy into a previously aging infrastructure. Along the way, VLT was able to retire its deteriorating tape library for backups, as well as move to Microsoft’s Office 365.

“From the first interaction with Open Approach, communication has been very clear, friendly, and thoroughly professional. They really listen and respond to my concerns and ideas in designing solutions that work for us.”

— Teija Huttunen-Green, Director of Operations & Technology at Vermont Land Trust


Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union is a multi-branch organization that has been catering to its customers’ financial needs since its inception in 1954. Originally founded by a dedicated group of state employees, Meridian’s goal was to establish a not-for-profit, financial cooperative that would be built on the philosophy of people helping people. That ideology has held through to today, as Meridian has grown both internally and physically throughout the 1970s and 1980s, with the fifth and most recent location opening in 2004 in East Cheyenne, Wyoming.


Part of Meridian’s growth yielded some growing pains, one of which was the loss of their network administrator in early 2013. Unhappy with another nationally known technology company, they utilized Open Approach in parallel while waiting for the contract to run out. “After only a few months of working together, we soon realized that going with OA was the best thing we ever did. We were treated like partners,” noted Huda Hussain, Director of Business Analysis.

Since joining the team, Open Approach has worked with Meridian on a complete network overhaul, including server virtualization, backup implementation, Active Directory restructuring, and network infrastructure optimization. They deployed a robust network monitoring system, a Citrix XenApp environment for more than 50 users, and an aggressive web filter, which increased productivity, security, and efficiency — all while being located more than 2,000 miles away.

“Despite the distance, Open Approach is in in contact with us all the time. We are kept in the loop of events, issues, etc. They are like our very own virtual IT staff.”

— Huda Hussain, Director of Business Analysis at Meridian Trust


Champlain Valley Equipment (CVE) is a Vermont-based company that represents Kubota, New Holland, Polaris, STIHL, Yamaha, and others to provide world-class parts, sales, service and after-sales support to customers for agricultural, light construction, and residential needs. Incorporated in 1970, Champlain Valley Equipment continues to evolve rapidly, and has undergone significant expansion of its product sales and geographic reach.


“Growing to meet your needs” is Champlain Valley Equipment’s motto, and growing they have been, now with five different branches spanning the entire state of Vermont. To simplify the expansion, CVE wanted to quickly unify all of their separate stores under one network, and called upon Open Approach to do so. By building an interconnected network of firewalls, switching, and servers, Open Approach took five disjointed stores and brought all users into a single domain with minimal interruption or changes to their desktop environments. Open Approach addressed CVE’s increased reliance on email as they migrated to Office 365, and in response to the growing mobility of their users, they deployed a unified wireless solution between all stores, allowing users to seamlessly move between networks with minimal effort.

“Growth and change are the constants here. We are always looking to expand to meet the needs of our customers. That puts a lot of pressure on our systems. Open Approach has really helped us to take on as much as we have. It’s been a great partnership.”

— Jennifer LaRock, Office Manager at Champlain Valley Equipment


Northern Tier Center for Health (NoTCH) is a primary-care practice serving multiple locations throughout Vermont’s Franklin and Grand Isle counties. A federally-funded nonprofit corporation, Northern Tier’s team of compassionate and devoted health care professionals and support staff offer a full spectrum of health care services, including family medicine, obstetrics, internal medicine, behavioral health, pharmacy, lab, and general dentistry.


Open Approach began working with NoTCH mid-2015, filling the void when a critical internal IT employee left unexpectedly. Work commenced quickly with a sizable project to restructure NoTCH’s backup environment, simplifying and automating backups for their entire server infrastructure, including offsite replication of vital data. Next up was a deep evaluation of network security and firewall configurations, resulting in a significant simplification and hardening of the rule set, which in turn reduced complexity and increased manageability. Along with this came enhanced flexibility for users to roam freely across their multi-site network — and resulted in more than $20,000 in annual savings.

“We needed a resource with the appropriate skillset who could come up to speed quickly, cost less money and have greater availability. The Open Approach philosophy matches ours to a tee.”

— Andrew Hoadley, IT Manager at NoTCH


Leveraging nearly 40 years of expertise, Momentum Manufacturing Group is the result of an effort to build a comprehensive set of end-to-end metalwork and manufacturing services. From prototype review and value engineering, small batch or mass production of a part or integrated sub-assembly of parts, all the way through to complete assembly of a finished good ready to ship or sell, Momentum brings simplicity and efficiency to metal manufacturing challenges and has the skills and experience to get it done right.

Today these four business units are now unified and operate under the umbrella of Momentum Manufacturing Group: NSA Industries LLC, Vitex Extrusion LLC, Metal Tronics LLC, and KC Precision Machining LLC.


Open Approach has worked with NSA, now Momentum Manufacturing Group, since 2008 to support the systems infrastructure required to maintain the reputation that they’ve built. Early on, a high availability virtual environment replaced their collection of outdated physical servers. This paved the way to support a variety of business demands, such as remote access, a robust phone system, standardized workstations, and multi-site networking for all users across the entire organization. As Momentum grows, OA’s latest work has been to facilitate the integration of acquired companies by extending the computer environment into new locations.

“Open Approach has become part of the [Momentum] team. Our concerns become their concerns and are worked through together.”

— Jeff Keyworth, Process Engineer at Momentum Manufacturing Group


Marine Engine is an online retailer in Brandon, Vermont, that provides boat motor repair information and parts to both boat owners and mechanics across the country. Marine Engine has had a large online presence for over 17 years, selling everything from boat motor parts to engine repair manuals, accessories, and supplies. They also maintain an active discussion forum that provides a wealth of knowledge for boat owners everywhere.


Open Approach teamed up with Marine Engine nearly a decade ago when their IT needs began to overwhelm the quickly growing business. Due to the important nature of Marine Engine’s online presence, Open Approach established redundant internet circuits from different providers with automatic failover to serve those high-availability needs. They were able to perform an email migration from in-house Exchange to the more dependable and robust Office 365, and built up a modern virtual infrastructure as the company backbone. Today Marine Engine is sailing smoothly, and OA continues to monitor, maintain, and be readily available should any needs arise.

“We recognized the need for network support beyond what we could do on an ad-hoc basis, and we wanted a solid business to cover that realm for us. OA is always available for discussion surrounding issues or whatever comes up, and there’s nothing out of bounds.”

— Andrew Menkart, owner of Marine Engine